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House Plumbing Inspections for only $99 throughout Summer 2020/2021

This summer, we are pleased to offer a new special deal for our new and existing customers - house plumbing inspections for only $99!

Includes the following:

  • Water pressure test
  • Pressure test of gas line for leaks
  • Hot Water System check
  • Taps, traps and toilet condition checks
  • Detailed inspection report

Limited time only. Call today!

Water Pressure Test

Water pressure, calculated as kilopascals (kPa) in Australia, contributes to how fast the water flows through your house’s pipes and out of your faucets or shower heads. If your water pressure is too high, you may be using too much water each day, you are at a higher risk of having burst pipes and it can void warranties on your tapware.


Pressure Test of Gas Line for Leaks

Gas leaks are very dangerous and a waste money.  As part of our plumbing inspection offer, we will come onsite and pressure test your gas line, which will check the entire gas line for any leaks.  If the pressure test records a gas leak, we can then discuss options and our rates to find and fix the leak.

Hot Water System Check

Energy Safe Victoria recommends a service of all gas appliances every two years. People do get their heaters checked but with hot water systems, it is a case of out of sight, out of mind. We can check the age, condition and function of your hot water to give you peace of mind.

Taps, Traps and Toilet Condition Checks

As your taps, traps and toilets are usually all installed at the same time during the build of a house, this means that they usually start to show wear and tear at the same time too. As part of the inspection, our plumber will check for any leaks, installation issues and general condition of all your taps, traps and toilets.

Detailed Inspection Report

After your inspection, we will email through a detailed inspection report with photos and any plumber recommendations.

Staying COVID Safe with No Contact Service

We offer no contact service to give you peace of mind during COVID-19. Our plumbers can call on arrival, discuss any issues with you over the phone while onsite, adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines and we can send you an invoice once the job is complete.

Stay safe - book with Expert Plumbing & Gas today.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Customers must be in Expert Plumbing and Gas existing service area
  • Hot Water System checks do not include inspecting solar units on roofs.
  • If there's a pressure drop found in your gas line, as per Australian Plumbing Regulations, the onsite plumber must turn off your gas until the leak is located and fixed. Locating and fixing the leak is not included in this special.
  • All findings in the inspection reports are based on visual inspection only and all advice / recommendations are general in nature.
  • Bookings must be confirmed between 1 December 2020 and 28 February 2021
  • Apply to residential and real estate agency customers only, once per household
  • The plumbing inspection does not include repairs/ replacements. Any additional work will be discussed and charged accordingly.
  • Offer only applies during regular business hours (7.30am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday). Offer does not apply on public holidays. Emergency and after-hours work not included.
  • Expert Plumbing and Gas reserves the right to modify, cancel and limit this offer at any time.