Three Top Tips on Preventing Heavy Corrosion in Your Roof and Spouting

Brown corrosion stains on a corrugated rooftop.
Blue and silver metallic corrugated rooftop with brown corrosion stains. the horizon has orange brick buildings and a blue skyline.

We’ve found that most people don’t tend to spend too much time thinking about their roof and spouting – at least not until there’s a problem. Take a look here to get our top tips on keeping your roof in good shape for years to come.


Roofing maintenance is a big part of what we do at Expert Plumbing & Gas Services. One of the more common issues that can crop up over time is corrosion. While most corrosion related problems can be easily fixed, things can definitely get out of hand quickly. Heavy corrosion certainly isn’t something you want to become an issue for you in your home. Fortunately, keeping the risk of corrosion at bay doesn’t have to be all that complex.


Keep It Tidy

Whether it’s leaves, pine needles, branches or anything else, green waste has an uncanny ability to cause problems. When we don’t keep on top of the cleaning on our roof and gutters, the accumulated waste can trap moisture against the materials of your roof and cause all sorts of corrosion related problems. Particularly in the leafier parts of Melbourne’s northern suburbs like Thornbury, Reservoir, and Coburg, these sorts of issues can come about quickly.

We recommend giving your roof and gutters a once-over at regular intervals. And if it hasn’t rained in a while, give at risk sections of your roof a quick spray with the hose to free up any compounds that may have settled and dried on your roof. Just be careful when you do it! Wait until after you’re done clearing anything away before spraying the roof and potentially making it slippery. Always follow OH&S safety rules!

Get Your Roof and Spouting Checked Out Regularly

It’s a smart idea to get your roof checked out by a professional at regular intervals. You’ll want a qualified roofing plumber to come around and check your roof and gutters out about once every year, preferably before winter. A check up like this will give you the chance to get in front of any issues before they become more expensive to fix. It’ll also give you the assurance that each feature of your home is doing what it should to keep the weather out.  Long term neglect can cause foundation issues, rotting timber structures and rising damp issues.

Rusted elbow of a down pipe.
Rusted tin roof

Use Quality Materials

When it comes to replacing or fixing sections of your roof and spouting, it’s a smart move to insist on your plumbing professional using quality materials. Quality materials are the literal building block of every solid roof, and it isn’t reasonable to expect a quality result without them.

At Expert Plumbing & Gas Services, we make a point of only using quality materials from brands and manufacturers that we trust. This way, we can ensure that the roofs we work on are fitted out with a solution that’ll hold the way it’s supposed to.

Get in Touch! 

If you’re in the northern suburbs and you’re looking for someone to come take a look at your roof, we’re the team to turn to. We operate with some safety measures in place. Equipped with masks and plenty of sanitiser - where required, our team is here to help you get your roof, gutters, and any other plumbing needs sorted.

You can reach out today by calling (03) 9486 5907 or leaving an enquiry via our contact form.

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