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Do you have plumbing issues at your Alphington home? Are you looking for a reliable Alphington plumber? Where is the professional and friendly person you can trust to give good advice and resolve your plumbing hassles? Right here, Expert Plumbing at your service.

Have you had bad plumber experiences in the past? Were you kept waiting and felt little confidence in their advice or workmanship? Maybe the bill was a bit of a rude shock as well. Now you want a different experience. You are looking for a local Alphington plumber you can rely on. Someone who will turn up on time, help you understand the issues and make the right decisions.

It’s not just the challenge of finding the right person, sometimes you need to act fast. It could be a blocked toilet, cold shower or even blocked drains. Suddenly, you have a problem to solve in a hurry. Other times, plumbing is part of a longer term renovation and you’ve got time to consult a plumbing expert. We understand these can be big investments and you want to make the right choices. Are you asking around, looking for an Alphington plumber to help you choose the right products and install them correctly? Choosing Expert Plumbing will give you confidence now and peace of mind in the future.


Leigh O'Hara and his team are your local Alphington plumbers.

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Leigh was super helpful, and didn't charge an arm and a leg either!!

Great professional work done, very happy!!

Paul Byrne - Alphington

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Expert Plumbing are the experienced Alphington plumbers you are looking for. You can trust us to recommend sensible and affordable solutions that are practical and efficient. From start to finish, your Alphington plumber will arrive on time and get the job done. Ask around Alphington, Expert Plumbing have built a reputation for friendly and reliable service as well as a high standard of workmanship and advice. Let’s get your plumbing sorted!

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Leigh O’Hara is the local Alphington plumber you need to know. Maybe you’ve even seen Leigh and the Expert Plumbing trucks around Alphington. They know Alphington houses, pipes and plumbing. Ask around your Alphington friends and neighbours. Expert Plumbing has built a reputation in the Alphington community for turning up on time and quality workmanship. Check out our reviews for yourself. If you are looking for a practical and friendly Alphington plumber, give Leigh a call.