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Plumbing hassles in Ascot Vale? We get it, plumbing issues can be stressful. Even if they aren’t urgent, who can you trust and what it’s going to cost? Now you're hunting a reliable Ascot Vale plumber. No one dodgy. You’ve been there and done that. You’re after the professional and friendly Ascot Vale plumber who’ll look after you.

Perhaps your past plumber experiences have been pure frustration. You were kept waiting. Later you found you got the wrong advice. Maybe the bill was a horrible shock. All this makes it more important to track down a trustworthy local Ascot Vale plumber who turns up on time, communicates carefully and helps you find the solution that's value for money.

It’s not just finding the right person that's the challenge. Plumbing hassles can be an absolute drama. Nothing like a blocked toilet, cold shower or blocked drain to wreck your day. Not that plumbing is always urgent. Sometimes you are planning a major renovation and you could use some expert advice. If you’re investing in major appliances, you don’t want to buy a lemon. As your local Ascot Vale plumbers we’re happy to share our experience about the more reliable products. We make sure they are installed correctly. Expert Plumbing wants you to have peace of mind in all plumbing situations, from the urgent repairs to home improvement.


Leigh O'Hara and his team are your local Ascot Vale plumbers.

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Very happy to have found a good and reliable local plumbing service after our domestic plumber for over 20 years retired. We have used Expert now for a couple of plumbing disasters and they've responded quickly and done an excellent job at a fair price. Recommended very happily.

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Expert Plumbing are the reputable Ascot Vale plumbers you are looking for. You can expect clear communication and wise advice that is sensible and delivers value for money. We are local which is why we’ll be on time. Ask around Ascot Vale. Expert Plumbing have built a reputation for friendly, reliable service and quality advice and workmanship. Try us and you’ll see why. You’ll never have to look for another plumber again.

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Leigh O’Hara is your local Ascot Vale plumber. Leigh and his team are around Ascot Vale a fair bit, so chances are you’ve already seen the trucks out and about. They know a lot about Ascot Vale houses and the type of plumbing issues that come up in this area. As well as experience, Expert Plumbing has built a reputation in the Ascot Vale community for turning up on time and for quality workmanship. We are proud of our customer reviews. They tell the story about how we are different. See for yourself. If you're looking for a practical and friendly Ascot Vale plumber, give Leigh a call.