Sustainable Plumbing Advice and Solutions

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Eco-Friendly Plumbing

If you want advice on sustainable and eco-friendly plumbing, the professionals at Expert Plumbing & Gas Services are here to help. We can help you recycle water, reduce wasted water and use eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Sustainable plumbing includes:

  • Installing and maintaining solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water units
  • Installing and maintaining rainwater tanks
  • Installing water-efficient fixtures, including showerheads, toilets and taps


Creative Problem Solving with Sustainable Solutions

Current plumbing regulations in Victoria make it mandatory for new homes to come with either a rainwater tank or a solar hot water system.

Our experienced and qualified plumbers can help you make an informed decision on solar hot water systems, gas heating, rainwater tanks and more.


Five ways to reduce your environmental impact using plumbing:

  1. Reducing water waste and stopping leaks
  2. Using quality products such as REHAU pipes that are long lasting and reliable
  3. Installing solar hot water systems or heat pump systems
  4. Install a rainwater tank, to reuse and recycle water
  5. Planting low maintenance and native plants in your garden

Read more about these water-saving tips on our blog or contact us today for expert advice and sustainable solutions.

Vertical rainwater tank adjacent to external wall of home