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We Can Help With Rapid Response Plumbing

Leaky Taps

Repairing or replacing faulty taps that are constantly dripping or leaking.

Blocked Drains

Clearing blockages in sinks, showers, or toilets that prevent water from draining properly.

Running Toilets

Fixing toilets that keep running even after flushing and can waste a significant amount of water.

Burst Pipes

Identifying and repairing burst pipes to prevent water damage and flooding.

Broken or Leaking Pipes

Repairing small leaks or replacing damaged pipes to prevent further damage.

Malfunctioning Hot Water Systems

Addressing issues with hot water systems, such as lack of hot water or unusual noises.

Low Water Pressure

Investigating and resolving low water pressure issues throughout the plumbing system.

Minor Plumbing Fixture Installations

Installing or replacing small plumbing fixtures like old taps, faulty showerheads, or broken toilet seats.

Roof Leaks

Locating and repair of roof leaks.

In Melbourne’s Inner North-West
We Are Usually Just Around The Corner.

We work daylight hours on weekdays in Melbourne’s Inner North West. That’s our patch.

During those times, you’ll find we can get to you faster than services from across the city.

If you live in Melbourne’s inner North West and need a plumber quickly, call us.

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"I needed a new hot water service fairly quickly as my existing one was fading very quickly. After reading some reviews about Expert Plumbing, I decided to fill in the online form (over the weekend). On Monday morning early I had a very positive response and very competitive price. So today (Wednesday) my new hot water service was installed. Paul came exactly when he said, disconnected and removed my old unit and installed the brand spanking new system. Finally hot water! He was absolutely delightful, competent and cleaned the area and took all the rubbish away. I am one very happy old woman! Thankyou Expert Plumbing and Gas Services.😁"

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All Our Work Is Fully Insured & Compliant With Australian Standards

Ash did a GREAT job for us today - professional, fast and very friendly. The issue was resolved in super fast time too. Would recommend.

Phil, Brunswick