Taking Swift Action On Blocked Drains

Plumber repairing a blocked drain

In the realm of plumbing, encountering blocked drains is not uncommon. However, understanding the urgency and importance of addressing such issues promptly can save both time and resources for homeowners. In this article, we will highlight the significance of swift action when faced with blocked drains, drawing insights from a recent job we completed.

Initial Call Out

A distressed customer called us regarding gurgling noises from their bathroom sink, a blocked toilet and a slow-draining shower drain. These are the telltale signs of a serious blockage.

We attended the property and attempted to clear the blockage from the overflow relief gully of the neighbour's property, as it was a combined sewer, but were unsuccessful.

Next, we located the boundary trap, which required excavation to gain access. Once access was gained, we inspected the drain with our CCTV and found the main drain was blocked, and the boundary trap was overgrown with roots.

Once cleared with our sewer snake, we used the CCTV to inspect the drain again and found it was in poor condition and required repair. Subsequently, we provided a quote for the necessary repairs.

Preparation Work

Preparing for fixing a blocked drain fixture

Once we had approval to proceed, preparations for sewer repairs commenced. This included:

  • Obtaining the Consent to Connect from the local water authority. With this, you receive a PIC number.
  • Engaging with Dial Before You Dig to learn where all underground services are located.
  • Submitting any site-specific council permits and coordinating a traffic management plan if required.
  • Organising all safety equipment that is required.

Repair Work

Due to the proximity of underground services, traditional excavation was not feasible for this property. Instead, we used non-destructive digging (NDD) techniques, specifically hydro excavation.

This involved acquiring a street occupation permit from the local council. We commenced hydro-excavating and gained access to the damaged sewer drain. The damaged section of the drain was removed and replaced with sewer-grade UPVC, securely bedded on 1/4 minus bluestone rock.

Adhering to industry standards, we scheduled a VBA inspection for the below-ground sewer works. Upon approval, excavated material was backfilled into the area, restoring it to its original state.

The urgency of addressing blocked drains cannot be overstated. Our recent job is an example of how what may initially seem like minor issues can quickly escalate. This can lead to considerable damage and expenses if left unresolved. By promptly attending to blocked drains, homeowners can avoid further complications. This can save both time and resources. To find out what the first signs of a blocked drain are refer to our page, Blocked Toilets, and if you believe you have a blocked drain, call Expert Plumbing!