Expert Plumbing & Gas Services would like to recommend the following trades to help our valued clients find other trustworthy tradespeople in the area:

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Ben, from Bespoke Bathrooms, is a precision tiler with a broad knowledge base.  Ben will amaze you with the creation that lays ahead.



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A highly driven and diligent, Melbourne-based electrician who offers a range of specialties including in architectural builds, domestic and commercial fit-outs, and solar maintenance and installation.





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A two-generational family-run, heating and cooling business that specialises in retrofitting units in turn-of-the-century terraces and servicing Melbourne's inner suburbs. Ben has a limitless range of experience in all forms of residential and commercial installations.


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Delivering high-end detail using sustainable resources and practices, Kwaliteit Constructions is a specialises in extensions and renovations around the inner suburbs.





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Camila specialises in the application of the essential waterproofing method, caulking, in all forms of residential and commercial projects, providing a sleek and robust finish.



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Ben and Samantha, provide absolute spot-on precision, detail, and value to the lifting and logistical elements in all forms of construction projects. The two staffies, Bounty and Rhino, bring added joy to every job.

Please note: The list above is in no way directly associated with Expert Plumbing & Gas Services.  This list is offered out of courtesy and no liability is associated with Expert Plumbing & Gas Services

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"Very professional and thorough service. I called to get the plumbing in my restaurant back to perfect working order and they were punctual, friendly and extremely helpful. The work was done in a timely manner and my restaurant was left clean and tidy. My expectations were not just met but exceeded. Thanks, I'll be calling again in the future."

Rob, Brunswick