Aquamax hot water unit with logo

Troubleshooting Your Aquamax Hot Water Unit

No hot water with your Aquamax HWU and wondering what to do next? At Expert…

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Plumber repairing a blocked drain

Taking Swift Action On Blocked Drains

In the realm of plumbing, encountering blocked drains is not uncommon. However, understanding the urgency…

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Gas oven with all the burners turned on

What to Do if You Think You Have a Gas Leak

Discovering a potential gas leak in your home can be a stressful situation, but knowing…

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A close-up of a drain in the bathroom

Why Is My Drain Smelly?

There are a few reasons you might have a smelly drain. You may not notice…

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What Is A Heat Pump Thermann Hyrird Heat Pump and Split System Expert Plumbing

Heat Pumps Are A Hot Topic

Heat Pumps are a hot topic these days, but as they are very new, you…

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a large tree in the foreground. the grey road is at the bottom of the screen. orange brick houses have green grass bordering the property. the sky is grey and overcast.

Raise The Saleability Of Your Home With These Easy Plumbing Replacements!

When you have lived in a house or apartment for a while, inevitable wear-and-tear occurs…

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melbourne polytechnic scholarship website on roof brick background

Melbourne Polytechnic Scholarship

Melbourne Polytechnic offers a range of courses, diplomas, certifications, apprenticeships and traineeships. Their campuses are…

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Expert Plumbing - Hot Water Infographic

Why Is My Hot Water Not Working?

No Hot Water or Hot Water Not Working Well Enough? Running out of hot water…

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blocked toilet clearing equipment

How We Resolve Your Blocked Toilet

First Signs of Blocked Toilet Trouble Presenting Problem The first sign of toilet trouble is…

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Using a wrench to loosen a flexi hose fitting.

What You Must Know About Flexi Hoses

Those humble looking flexible rubber or stainless-steel braided pipes that are lurking underneath your bathroom…

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Leaking sink pipe maintenance plumber melbourne

Simple Steps To Avoid These Plumbing Disasters

What Do I Need To Know About Burst Water Pipes? Presenting Problem Take a look…

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A stack of packing boxes and two pot plants.

Plumbing Checklist when Buying a New Home

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of new home buyers who, along with their new…

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Bathroom renovation mood board in white black and grey

3 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Under Budget

Learn how to get your dream bathroom on a budget! Although you shouldn’t cut corners…

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Gas Leaks Risks

Gas Leaks: What Are The Risks and What Can You Do About It?

Gas is a remarkably safe fuel source when handled correctly. But leaks do still happen,…

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Close up of water running from a tap faucet.

Why Is My Hot Water System Not Working?

You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t know where their hot water…

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Rusted elbow of a down pipe.

Three Top Tips on Preventing Heavy Corrosion in Your Roof and Spouting

We’ve found that most people don’t tend to spend too much time thinking about their…

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Green plumbing sustainable bathroom tips

10 of the Best Eco-Friendly Bathroom Solutions

With careful selection of products, you can make your bathroom more resource-efficient, minimize waste, and…

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Vanity unit and mirror in a bathroom renovation Northcote

Renovate Your Bathroom in Six Easy Steps

A bathroom renovation might seem like a complicated dance of moving parts, but it’s actually…

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Plants tiles and hand basin and tap displayed together

5 Bathroom Trends To Look Out For in 2021

While we know that functionality and comfort are always in style, there are also a…

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Tap with running water

How to Choose a Hot Water System

Nothing ruins your day quicker than an unexpected cold shower. Most people don’t think about…

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Residential Slimline RainWater Tank in a garden

Which Rainwater Tank is Right For You?

Rainwater tanks can collect all of the water that falls on your roof with correct…

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Bathroom Makeover Styling Plumbing

Quick ways to give your bathroom a makeover for Summer

  Having guests over for the first time in months can be stressful, especially when…

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Close up image of leavaes covered in water droplets.

Top Tips for Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Plumbing

‘Sustainability’ is the buzz word for everything from groceries, building sites, gardening and travel. Clever…

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Sussex Taps rainbow of taps

Five Australian Bathroom Brands We Recommend

Now more than ever there is pressure to support local businesses – but how does…

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An aerial view of two plumbers repairing pipes in a trench.

How to Become a Plumber in Victoria

Video: Plumbers working together on a sewer repair. The steps to becoming a plumber in…

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Buying installing toilet Preston

Everything You Need To Know About Toilets

Whether you are working on a new build or renovating your bathroom, choosing the right…

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Gardening tools and garden gloves lying on brick paving

3 Spring Gardening Tips From a Plumber

Whether gardening is your new lockdown hobby or you are a seasoned green-thumb, we have…

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A hand holding a glass of drinking water in Melbourne

Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Did you know that Australia has Drinking Water Guidelines? It has over 250 directions and…

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Water leak blog

A Water Leak is More Than Just a Nuisance

Dripping taps or leaking water pipes are generally viewed as a small nuisance rather than…

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Melbourne Rain Plumbing

Four Plumbing Problems to Look Out For When It Rains

Although it can be soothing to hear the patter of rain, it can get stressful…

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