What to Do if You Think You Have a Gas Leak

Gas oven with all the burners turned on

Discovering a potential gas leak in your home can be a stressful situation, but knowing how to handle it calmly and promptly is crucial for your safety. In this blog post, we'll talk about signs that may indicate a gas leak and the necessary steps to take if you suspect one.

Signs of a Gas Leak:

Distinctive Odours

The smell of rotten eggs, durian, or cooked cabbage is a clear indicator of a gas leak. If you detect these odours, it's important not to ignore them.

Hissing Sounds

Pay attention to any hissing sounds near gas lines or appliances. Unusual noises may signal a gas leak.

Increased Gas Bills

A sudden spike in your gas bills without a corresponding increase in usage could be a sign of a gas leak.

Malfunctioning Gas Appliances

If your gas appliances are not working as they should, it could be a symptom of a gas leak.

Plumber testing the gas line for a gas leak

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak:

Gas meter

Turn Off the Gas Supply

Locate your gas meter and turn off the gas supply from the mains. If you're unsure how to do this, refer to our previous blog post Do You Know What Your Gas and Water Meters Look Like?

Ventilate the Area

Open all doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate. Proper ventilation is crucial to dissipate any lingering gas and reduce the risk of ignition.

Turn Off Electrical Switches & Appliances

As a precaution, turn off all electrical switches, appliances, and pilot lights.

Evacuate & Call for Assistance

Leave the premises and go to a safe location outdoors. Once you are at a safe distance, call your trusted emergency plumber at Expert Plumbing!

Plumber checking for and fixing a gas leak