The Importance of Quality Gas Plumbing

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Gas, when installed and handled correctly, is a perfectly safe fuel to use in heating and fuelling your home. But gas leaks can and do still happen. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the dangers of gas exposure, and why you should only work with qualified plumbers when getting your gas plumbing installed.

The Dangers of a Gas Leak in your Home

A gas leak isn’t anything to laugh about. An undetected gas leak in your home can pose a real risk to the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones. Staying vigilant and paying attention when there are signs that something isn’t right, is all important when it comes to avoiding any issues with your gas connection.

Some of the more common things to look for in your home and appliances are:

  • A scent of rotten eggs or sulphur
  • A hissing sound (gas escaping through small openings)
  • Wilted or dying plants

The most important one here is the rotten eggs smell. What you might not know is that natural gas is actually scentless. The rotten eggs smell that we associate with gas is actually an additive designed explicitly to help us detect a leak.


Why you should always go with a qualified plumber

It’s admirable to do what you can to maintain your own home. But there are certain things that should always be left to professionals, and your gas plumbing is one of those things. A qualified plumber is someone who has the knowledge and expertise, along with trades insurance, to diagnose problems and implement safe and lasting solutions.

Qualified professionals like the ones you’ll find here with us at Expert Plumbing & Gas Services will not only be able to help you ensure that your home and plumbing are safe. They can save you time and money in the long run. The cost of a call out is a small price to pay for peace of mind, and it’ll give you a chance to head any problems off before they get out of hand.


What to do if you smell a leak

If you smell what you believe to be a gas leak (a strong smell of rotten eggs), the first thing to do is to cut the supply of gas at the meter and do what you can to aerate the space. Normally, you can find your gas meter toward the front of your property, toward either the left or right side. On that meter, you’ll find a lever that you can turn 90 degrees to cut the supply of gas entering your home.

If you’re at all struggling to identify your gas meter, you can always do a quick Google image search of “gas meter Victoria”, there you’ll find images that will help you identify your gas meter and carry out the steps we set out above. Once you’ve cut the supply, you can then get onto aerating the space by opening up doors and windows - dispersing any gas that has built up in your living areas.

If you believe that you might be experiencing a slow and gradual leak, a simple trick to check is to mix up some dishwashing detergent in water and wet the connection where you believe a leak might be coming from. If there’s a leak, the detergent will bubble up and keep doing so at the site of the leak.


Enlist the services of expert gas plumbers in Melbourne

When installed by a licensed expert, gas is a perfectly safe way to heat and power your home. But, just like any utility, it needs to be fitted properly. Expert Plumbing & Gas Services are your local gas and water plumbing experts based in Brunswick. We can help you ensure that everything in your home is up to the standard it should be.

With years of experience, and the qualifications to match, you shouldn’t have any worries about the safety of your gas connections and plumbing. So get in touch, you can reach us by calling 03 9486 5907 or filling out a contact form today!

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