Raise The Saleability Of Your Home With These Easy Plumbing Replacements!

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When you have lived in a house or apartment for a while, inevitable wear-and-tear occurs on basic fixtures around the house, right before your eyes. It doesn’t mean that it has been damaged or broken, but it does make the property less appealing to future buyers.

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Many home buyers opt for purchasing off a development plan, with modern fixtures and cleaner aesthetics. With only a few adjustments and some handy work by a plumber, you can easily distinguish your property from the rest.


Read on for some hot tips on how
to make a huge impression!


The thermostat for your air conditioner may have been so well loved over hot summers and grizzly winters, that you may have not noticed that over time, fingerprints and dust may have gotten trapped in the porous material of the thermostat and remote. Central heating and cooling remote controls are privy to getting lost, breaking down and the continuous use of purchasing batteries.


As many people use their smartphones as remotes to control their home appliances, lights, music and home security, upgrading the heating and cooling devices to facilitate a smart home will refresh the look!

thermostat rinnai on a red painted wall with a hand using it
modern minimal kitchen mixer tap window sleek natural aesthetic

Kitchen Mixer Tap

Kitchen mixer taps have become widely used in modern interior design, due to their sleek, space-saving and energy-efficient design. Updating a kitchen, bathroom or laundry standard basin tap fitting provides more bench space and an elegant user-friendly alternative. They require less rotation to turn on, and less time to run water to reach the objective temperature.

Thermostat mixers taps control the temperature of the water as it passes through, for continuous optimum result.


Ceramic cooktops and stovetops can be the staple in homes for a number of generations, and are recommended to be replaced every 13-15 years and kept well maintained. Over time, the once lustrous appeal of a ceramic cooktop, or the gleam of a stainless steel stovetop, can erode due to the natural wear-and-tear of its working life.


The stove grates on the burner are especially difficult to clean with build up of food and oil that finds its way into those hard to reach places. The stove might not be sitting flush against a wall or bench, so overtime it may be harder to clean between the gaps, leaving a buildup of scum and coated in stains. 

a close up of a white ceramic cooktop with 3 visible black iron burners. there is severe yellow and brown staining
a new clean gas cooktop on a green bench. there are medium sized shiny green tiles behind it
hand putting dishes in a dishwasher. the fishwasher is open and filled with cutlery and culnery


Older dishwashers start to show wear-and-tear after about four years and use more water and electricity to run efficiently. Unusual sounds can suggest the motor isn’t working like it used to, the filters stop being as effective, and erosion from cleaning off the scale build-up inside may interfere with the overall performance of the dishwasher itself.

Upgrading to a newer model of dishwasher will boast energy efficiency and free your kitchen from years of debris build-up. Much like the cooktop, cleaning underneath a dishwasher can prove to be a messy chore, yet it is vital that it is addressed before trying to sell. In doing so, the kitchen debris might make itself very apparent.

Showers and Bathroom Taps

After many years, older showerheads have a worn-out bracket and scum and limescale build-up at the wall holder and hose. 

In the early to mid 2000’ s, the state of Victoria initiated ‘Target 155’ to help fight the drought by replacing old shower heads with incentivised energy efficient saving ones. Since then, there have been new shower head designs and technologies that can not only efficiently save water, they can offer a multitude of modern styles.

As years have passed, and trends have changed, leaving an inconsistent style and/or era of tapware, it may signify to a potential buyer that there may not be an overall upkeep of all the plumbing in the house.


an silver showerhead potruding from a cream square tiled wall. two long lines appear between the tiles as decoration
white glossy square tiles on a white wall. a silver chrome twin shower set has a long horizontal pipe and rainfall showerhead and a small european hand shower head attached.


No amount of gumption or cream cleanser can replace eroded away tiles. Common tiles are porous such as porcelain, sandstone and granite that can easily trap debris and leave stains. 

When the grout erodes on the floor and the walls, the whole tiled area stops being waterproof and merely water resistant.

This can ruin the bathroom and kitchen joinery, and worst of all, it can severely damage the supporting beams of the house, the floor and contribute to catastrophic consequences over time. 

Simply by regrouting and resealing the wet areas, you are protecting the house from an early expiry date and freshening up it’s look.

hand on orange bathroom tiles applying grout using a long spatula
white ceramic toilet with a golden flush button and positioned in the centre of the screen with large grey tiles on the wall behind the toilet and underneath the toilet on the floor

Toilet Seat

Make your house into a castle with an enticing top-notch throne!  A toilet seat can cost between an economic $22, to a decadent $1500 with heating and other royal features. 

Impress everyone with a demure soft close toilet, a delightful feature that can cost around $40-$60. A soft close toilet seat will not only stop users from shuddering at the slamming sound of a seat hitting the bowl, it will also protect the hinges of the seat and lid too.


Flexihoses are the stainless steel braided pipies that are used for everyday household appliances, including toilets. As they are often left unnoticed, curled behind whitegoods, troughs and other converted places, their quality, cleanliness and age can be undetermined. A neglected flexihose can be at risk of erosion and damage, leading to a potential burst water pipe which is a massive risk!  


silver flexihose burst pipe with a purple and blue striped background

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters are essential in directing the rain and storm water from roofs and awnings, and into storm water systems. As gutters are exposed to the harshest of storms and winds, they can also collect a lot of twigs and debris and lose some of their functionality.


If gutters are blocked, they can overflow onto the roof, causing the rain water to pool and cause erosion or to the metal sheets, and damage to the tiles, and inevitably cause roof leaks.

Roof leak terrcoate tiles new drains blend
roof leak terracotta tiles new drains gutter blocked gutters

This can contribute to black mould and destroy the structural and respiratory quality of the home. Major roof repairs and replacements can take months, due to the weather dependency of the labour.

Well-kept and cleaned gutters, will signify to the potential buyer that they can rely on the roof having been maintained. 

Tidy Up Copper Pipes

Copper does not contain enough iron to rust, which is why it is used for plumbing, however it can corrode. Cobwebs, dirt and general debris can get trapped between the trellises and pipes along the side of the house. Simply by having the copper pipes clean and polished, the newly sheened pipes will immediately lift the appearance of the home



a grey cement wall with green leaves covering the top of the wall and copper orange pipes horizontally across the middle of the wall
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