5 Bathroom Trends To Look Out For in 2021

Plants tiles and hand basin and tap displayed together

While we know that functionality and comfort are always in style, there are also a lot of new exciting bathroom renovation trends on the horizon for next year.

The idea of integrating the bathroom design into the rest of the house (no longer in the darkest corner) is very on trend and offers opportunities to stretch your interior design muscles.

Read on as we have rounded up five bathroom trends to look out for in 2021.




Used for vanities, shelving and even flooring, timber is the material of choice when it comes to modern bathrooms. Known for giving warmth and dimension to any space, and available in a wide variety of colours, it can also be used to balance the coldness of tiles and stone. Whether you prefer a look that's dark and moody, or white and minimalist, adding a timber accent piece such as a vanity or wall feature – even something as small as a stool - is a fantastic way to create texture and dimension in your bathroom.

wood styling bathroom trend for benches and walls


Green Shades

2021 is the year for all things green in the bathroom - from tiles, walls and even indoor plants.

In terms of styling, green can evoke a natural sense of calm and harmony in soft shades, while bolder and darker tones provide individuality and depth.

3 images of green tiles styling bathroom


Plants in the bathroom really help to soften all the hard lines often found in bathrooms. Besides looking great (especially against some of the raw materials being used like timber and concrete) and the relaxation benefits, plants are great at purifying the air.

3 images of plants used in bathroom styling


Colourful Basins

The new year will see people put a clever spin on classic white ceramic with wall basins and vanities in bright colours and a wide range of finishes. There is sure to be a colour to suit every style and budget.

18 hand basins of differing style and colour


Frameless Showers

Frameless glass doors blend seamlessly into any style of bathroom decor with unobstructed transparency. Without a frame to rely on, frameless glass doors use a much thicker type of tempered glass to ensure functionality and durability.

They also look neat, modern and make the most of the space available in your bathroom.

2 examples of frameless showers bathroom styling



A great characteristic of marble is that it can be used in dramatic and bold ways, but also goes by almost unnoticed in clean, neutral designs. It is a beautiful natural material which comes in a wide variety of colorings, markings and veinings. One can never find two pieces the same which of course greatly adds to its appeal.

3 examples of styling with marble bathroom tiles and marble bath



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