Quick ways to give your bathroom a makeover for Summer

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Having guests over for the first time in months can be stressful, especially when your house has been in lockdown for most of the year. We've put together some quick ways to get your bathroom guest-ready for Summer - you can get this all done within a day!


Upgrade your tapware

Stylish and modern tapware gives your bathroom an instant facelift. From monochrome to heritage styles and everything in between, there is a big wide world of options when it comes to taps, shower heads and mixers. Choose matching finishes for all your tapware for a sleek look, or mix and match to make your shower a statement.

Important note: Make sure you have a qualified plumber change over your tapware - plumbing is not a do-it-yourself sort of project! Read more about the dangers of DIY plumbing here.

bathroom makeover styling tapware

Replace your accessories

Simply changing your soap dish, toothbrush holder, towels or bath mats can completely change the vibe of your bathroom and have your guests green with envy. Changing lighting and introducing some indoor plants will also give your bathroom a whole lot of personality.

Decorate bathroom accessories styling


Install a new toilet seat

For a low budget, high impact change, you can replace your toilet seat. There are many options for toilet seats, including soft close seats, seats with bidet attachments, or even seats in different colours!

The best way to ensure your new toilet seat will be the same size as the old one, is to take the old one in with you to the plumbing supplies store! It sounds weird, but it's something that plumbers do all the time, and will result in a perfect match in terms of sizing. Replacing a toilet seat is something you can do yourself, and depending on the age and type of seat, is usually a simple task.

If you get stuck, you're welcome to call a plumber to change the seat for you.

toilet seat upgrade bathroom makeover


Renting? Here are some tips for tenants:

  • Always check with your landlord or real estate agent before making any changes. Different landlords have different ideas about what renters should be able to do.
  • Keep what you remove. Make sure to safely stow away any tapware, lighting fixtures, toilet seats etc that you’ve removed so you can put it back when you move out.
  • Your obligations as a tenant are laid out in your tenancy agreement, so you can refer to this if you have any concerns or questions about what you can and can't do.
  • If you need any plumbing repairs, make sure that you contact your agent or landlord first. As they will the one paying the plumbing bill, it's important that they have signed off on any non-urgent work.


Any questions?

Feel free to give us a call for any bathroom renovation, makeover or upgrade enquiries on (03) 9486 5907.

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