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Do you live in Clifton Hill and need a local Clifton Hill plumber to solve your plumbing problems? How do you find a professional plumber you can trust? Someone to guide you through your plumbing problems?

You’ve already discovered not all plumbers are the same. Have you been kept waiting or given the wrong advice? Have you had bad experiences and even shock bills in the past? Now you have found a local Clifton Hill plumber who will turn up on time, help you understand the issue and make the right choices.

It might be an obvious problem like a blocked drain and you’ll get a few of them around Clifton Hill. Maybe you want to upgrade your heating and you need advice on your choices. Some of these things are big investments and you want to feel confident you are making the right choices. You want someone to help you choose the right appliances and ensure they are installed correctly. You’re after quality workmanship and a long-lasting solution.


Leigh O'Hara and his team are your local Clifton Hill plumbers.

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I have used Expert Plumbing & Gas for a number of jobs (big and small) over the past two years and I have never been disappointed. Their service is always prompt, thorough, super-efficient and fairly priced not to mention courteous and incredibly honest plumbers. I manage a few properties and have used many other plumbers PRIOR to Expert Plumbing only to be cheated on price and misguided on diagnosis. I cannot praise Expert Plumbing enough for their professionalism, their honesty and their dedication to getting the job done properly and at a fair price. Big THUMBS UP!!

Kerri, Clifton Hill

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The Expert Plumbing team are the experienced Clifton Hill plumbers you are looking for. They’ll help you understand the issue and your choices. The Expert Plumbing team will recommend sensible solutions and quality products. They’ll turn up on time and get the job done. Expert Plumbing has built a reputation in Clifton Hill for friendly, reliable service and quality you can trust.

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Leigh O’Hara is your local Clifton Hill plumber. You’ll see Leigh and his Expert Plumbing team around Clifton Hill often. Years of experience in this area means they know their way around the style of houses, pipes and soils you’ll find in Clifton Hill. Chances are you’ve probably already seen the Expert Plumbing vans on the streets of near where you live. Expert Plumbing has built a reputation in for turning up on time, quality work, excellent communication and reasonable quotes. If you are looking for a practical and friendly Clifton Hill plumber, give Leigh a call.