A Water Leak is More Than Just a Nuisance

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Dripping taps or leaking water pipes are generally viewed as a small nuisance rather than something serious. But water leaks can lead to more dangerous outcomes and can compromise the health and safety of those in your home or business.

We've put together everything we know about leaks, including signs, health and safety effects, causes and solutions.


What are the different types of water leaks?

Most water leaks fall into four main categories: roof leaks, burst pipes, leaking fixtures, and leaking underground drains. If you suspect a leak, you should act quickly and try to locate the source of the leak as soon as possible. An experienced plumber can repair it before it progresses and causes greater or even irreparable damage.

What to do if you suspect a water leak?

  1. Turn off the water at the meter - Locate your water meter (read our handy guide here) and turn it off.
  2. Turn on your garden tap – this will allow the water still in the system to run out there, rather than putting more pressure on the burst or leaking pipe
  3. Call Expert Plumbing & Gas Services – We will get a plumber out to you quickly to address the leak and provide solutions. If the leak is underground or in a wall, we have specialised equipment to locate, repair and replace the pipe.

If you do suspect hidden leaks, contact us for diagnosis and solution. We have a wealth of experience with residential & commercial plumbing systems and will help you avoid the consequences of plumbing leaks.

As part of your regular household maintenance, our team of qualified and experienced plumbers can check and adjust your water pressure, detect and address potential causes of leaks and advise on any other issues.

Expert Plumbing & Gas Services are your local plumbing repair experts. Contact us today and let us stop those leaking pipes!

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