Plumbing Maintenance By The Season

Sunflowers season summer

Keep on top of your plumbing maintenance throughout the year to avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

Rather than trying to do all our house maintenance at once (costing a lot of time and money), we've put together a list of small odd jobs for you to do around the house each season to keep your plumbing in good shape.



Autumn leaves


Large tree lined streets in Melbourne look lovely, but can be a big issue for your draining come Autumn.

Leaves can slow water flow and misdirect rain water by blocking guttering and drains. This can put your house at risk by funneling water into places it shouldn’t go – like down your bedroom wall.

Spending a little time cleaning out guttering, raking leaves and checking out your drains helps avoid any autumn water problems.

If you have gas heating, the first few cold nights and wet weekends in Autumn may be the first time you turn your heater on in six months. Book in a heater service at least every two years (as advised by Energy Safe Victoria). This detects any gas leakages, extends the life of your gas heater and assures that you can use your heater with no issues throughout winter.



Winter weather


Hot showers and warm heaters keep the cold of winters at bay. Make sure your hot water unit and heaters are working properly throughout the season, and call a licensed plumber to assist with any maintenance or repairs.

Keeping an eye on drainage can also help you enjoy winter in comfort.

Stay safe and book your heater in for a service, including a carbon monoxide test. Gas plumbers will check ventilation, clean the filters, adjust the gas pressure and make sure your heating is working safely and efficiently.



Spring season


After a cold winter, we’re all about action! This makes spring great for a big clean-up and tidy.

Spring is the time to replace old fixtures and address leaky taps. It’s also a great time to clean your pipes, outdoor and indoor, and give the guttering and downpipes a once over to spot rust or any issues that might crop up during the summer rains.

You might even consider installing a new rainwater tank to help you save money off your water bill ahead of peak usage time in summer.



Summer pool weather


With guests arriving for the festive season, the kids home from school and those hot sweaty nights ahead, having a water system that is ready to roll is paramount.

That’s why summer is the perfect time to have a plumber over for a maintenance check. They can check your solar hot water unit and your irrigation set up for leaks or corrosion so as not to waste water or leave your garden bare and dry.

Many Australians buy a home during the summer months, so if you are selling, don’t forget to get a professional’s opinion on the state of the plumbing.

If you are buying, you can also have a plumber inspect the new house on your behalf to avoid any expensive surprises in the future. Our expert plumbers in Thornbury, Coburg & Preston & other Melbourne locations will be available to help fix the plumbing issues in any season.