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Founded in 2012, Thermann has quickly become the fastest growing hot water brand in Australia and New Zealand. We have put together some FAQs for everything you need to know, including models, prices, manuals and more.


What type of Thermann hot water unit is recommended?

Thermann have six hot water technology types –  Gas Continuous Flow, Heat Pump, Gas Storage, Electric Storage, Solar and Commercial.

In addition to the above categories, Thermann offers another category called E-Plus, which is the most economical and environmentally friendly group of Thermann products.

Image of 3 Thermann hot water units – Continuous flow, hot water storage and solar hot water systems.


Thermann Continuous Hot Water Systems

Thermann continuous hot water systems never run out of hot water, which makes them a great choice for even the busiest households. They only heat water as necessary and are a very energy efficient option. Sizes are based on litres per minute from 16L to 32L for domestic and 28L to 50L for commercial.

Thermann has recently launched an additional range called the R-Series, which has 17L, 21L and 26L models.

Price point: Between $1,000 and $2,400 (supply only)

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Thermann Electric Heat Pump

The Thermann Electric Heat Pump uses the same fittings as a standard electric hot water system and are an environmentally friendly choice, as it provides great reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding environment and use it to warm water in a tank. By utilising the ambient air temperature, they can achieve a high level of energy efficiency.

Price point: Between $3,300 - $5,000 (supply only)

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Thermann Hot Water Storage System

Thermann hot water storage systems include gas or electric storage systems and commercial systems. Electric storage systems can be installed inside or outside (gas systems outside only) and come in a variety of sizes – from an under sink 25L unit to a massive 400L unit with twin heating elements.

Price point: Between $470 and $1,800 (supply only)

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Thermann Solar Hot Water System

Thermann solar hot water systems are the future of hot water – they are highly efficient and help reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of traditional panels, Thermann offer Evacuated Tube Solar hot water systems. The technology has been around for over 50 years so it offers proven reliability and excellent efficiency.

Solar hot water systems come with both gas and electric back-up units with internal elements in the storage tank to ensure peace of mind. So even in days of low solar gain (cloudy days), the back-up booster system will help your solar hot water unit heat. There are significant costs upfront for the installation for the different elements - storage tank, solar panel collector - but in the long run, they are the most energy and cost efficient option.

Price point: Between $4,500 and $8,600 (supply only)

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Thermann Commercial Hot Water System

No business is too big or too small for Thermann. Whether it is for a small café or a high-rise hotel, Thermann has a hot water system suitable for every commercial property. Thermann Commercial range includes electric storage units, continuous flow units, and Solar hot water systems.

Thermann Commercial hot water units are designed to prioritise efficiency and it offers the only 50L continuous flow condensing hot water unit in Australia. This smart hot water technology will ensure that your business runs smoothly. Huge capacity is another super feature of Thermann Commercial hot water systems. This feature facilitates up to 1200 litres per minute when up to 24 Thermann units are linked together.

Thermann commercial electric storage units are the popular choice for commercial and industrial settings with a high demand for hot water, and they are easy to maintain. Thermann’s latest addition, the Performance Pack 1150 is the perfect unit for light commercial applications. This is an easy-to-install unit that delivers 1150L of hot water and it ensures continuous supply through a high-efficiency gas storage system.

Price point: Between $1,600 - $5,100 and beyond (supply only)

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Thermann E-plus Range

E-plus range includes the most Eco-friendly hot water systems of Thermann. Products of this range are designed to incorporate energy-efficient technologies to save our planet by reducing the carbon footprint and as well as to save thousands of dollars on your bills.

Thermann offers four hot water systems under the E-plus range, and they are the C7 continuous flow, X split heat pump, X hybrid heat pump, and boosted solar.

The C7 system is one of the most efficient continuous flow systems you can find, and it uses exhaust to preheat the water. It saves up to 70% of exhaust heat and uses less gas to provide up to 26L per minute. The X split heat pump uses the power of R744 to transfer and compress air, to heat the water and it is perfect to install in homes with limited space. X hybrid heat pumps use thermal energy whilst the boosted solar uses tube solar technology to heat water in the most environmentally friendly way.

Price point and product pages: please see the previous sections on continuous flow system, electric heat pump, storage system, and solar hot water system.

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How do I get a hot water system installed?

Your new hot water system should only be installed by a licensed plumber. If your old hot water system is being replaced, the plumber will be able to disconnect the old tank, drain it out, wheel the new one in, connect and fill it.
Prices for installation vary based on the type and size of the hot water system, if you will be installing it inside or outside, if your house is single or double storey (for solar hot water systems) and if any additional plumbing needs to be done as part of the installation, such as installing a new gas line.

Please note: Indicative prices and information are accurate as at April 2022.

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